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Tender – Belong

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No one is asking you to respect the past. The past is whatever we say it is; whatever others can confirm about it. The past is constantly being rewritten, retold, re-romanticized. I could care less if you respect it or not.

No one wants you to give a shit about tomorrow because focusing on something that may never get here is wasting your life away. All that excitement about a theme park you are going to in the morning is disrespecting everything occurring in your life at the moment. Aren’t other things more important than a few hours of fun that aren’t even here yet?

You don’t seem to get it. The part about thinking of others before yourself in certain situations. More specifically, thinking about others when you share a home or just share love. Don’t get caught being your usual selfish self because that is the antithesis of what a loving relationship is supposed to be. A loving relationship is two equations becoming one, and that new equation should be everything the two of you could never be when you weren’t with one another. That’s exactly how I can best explain it to you because otherwise you just never seem to get it.

If you find yourself acting and being who you have always been, then you are not being or acting like who you need to be in order to make things work. Someone else gets introduced into our everyday lives and routines and we have to change because we have already changed the moment that introduction was made—the second the innermost parts of our bodies and souls were shared. It was right then and there that our world seemed just a little different than the day before, and in a different world we should do different things.

With full transformation into becoming one whole equation comes change in everything else. The way we see, hear, taste, smell and touch become magnified and ultimately, different. We should be seeing things from perspectives that we couldn’t even notice before. We should be tasting things in the same dishes that we have eaten a million and one times that we have never tasted in them before, even though they were ALWAYS right there. Even in arguments, before they escalate, we should be hearing the opposing points before they are said, so that we can diffuse the fights before they even take place. Otherwise, you are doing it all wrong and all you will find is yourself hurt, yet again.

In their own words: “Belong is about a self destructive individual that is fully aware of their flaws. They can’t accept being wanted or being responsible for someone else’s emotions, yet relies on the very thing they fear to limit bringing physical and emotional harm to themselves.”