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Brika – It Wasn’t Me (Shaggy Cover)


I’m figuring out that true love is less about finding one’s other half and more about finding energies that you love selflessly. I know that many of you think you love selflessly, but in my experience that’s a fucking unicorn because unless we are talking about your own children, then rarely does anyone truly know what that even means.

I look back at all the relationships I’ve had and I shake my head in disbelief at how foolish I and the other girl always were. The girl is irrelevant because that always changed—one today, another tomorrow. It was the fooleries we told ourselves in order to prove some sort of unbreakably invisible pact we would name real or true love. That’s the shit I laugh about in retrospect because knowing what I know today it all seems so childish; like two kids in a sandbox who are officially dating because they held hands there all day.

True love is selfless love. It’s that simple. And to be honest I’m not even going to ask how many of you out there have had selfless love for someone that you were romantically involved with because your still immature ass is going to raise your hand. The truth is that none of you have. Shake your head in disgust, LOL in vain, but if you had experienced selfless love romantically for another person then the two of you will die together. That kind of shit doesn’t exist in our society anymore. We’ve grown way too selfish; way too involved in the “me”. 

Brika rocked this classic cover of Shaggy’sIt Wasn’t Me”. It’s fun, it keeps the original’s playfulness and it reminds me, while making me laugh, of all the times it was a perfect listen for what was happening in my once completely immature love life back then. It’s also a good listen if you’re catching the sunset in Malibu like I am right about now, or if you’re just laying in your bed in NYC wondering what treasures tomorrow might just bring.