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Adele – Hello (Ozzie Beats)

Obviously Adele has ravaged the internet after a hiatus for four years.

What I think is most impressive is not just her ability to come back and regain the top spot once more as the female artist, but her ability to continually find new ways of telling a similar love story, albeit unique enough to her but vague enough so we, the listeners, feel this is a direct reflection of our lives. Again.

I asked the question of people I interview a lot of “How many lovers does it take to make a love song? Or a love album for that matter?” It seems there are people you can love who can inspire a heartbreaking album or a magical love who inspires just a one night song.

I send the original track to my mum (music advisor for love songs) and she simply wrote back: “I think this person she is singing about has dated all of us at some point.” When you really think about it though, the song is about dumping someone. It didn’t work out. There is something about the feeling of reaching out to the person after and the genuine care if they are better or happy realising they don’t have the same interest. Are people more like chapters in the book rather than the narrative of it?

Why do you feel like you need to apologise after the damage is done?