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BOGART – Square One Freestyle


hit the haze and I’m fearing that the day’s disappearing”

Mike and I drove through PCH from Topanga to link with Doug at The Bungalow in Santa Monica yesterday for a power meeting of chess plays we’re about to make in the same music industry that brought us all together over 8 years ago. Yesterday was dope. From day drinks and some serious brainstorming to dinner at Giorgio Baldi, our Cali hang felt like all we did was trade the cooler winds and hi rise views of NYC for warmer ocean breezes and Hollywood sunsets off the coast, because everything else was still the same.

That’s what I dig about this next freestyle by BOGART titled “Square One”. The title in itself reminding me of our humble beginnings, back in our New York City Times Square recording studio when Mike, Ror, Doug and I decided to join forces and get into business together. It was in those days that we got to rape and pillage all of the city’s finest establishments as if they were going out of style. We’d work our asses off all day and then party all night until the next morning, and then do it all over again. We took that “Work Hard, Play Harder” cliche and redefined that sucker, but we did it with a hell of a lot of style and pizzaz.

Anyway, that’s all this track right here is, a piece of something familiar to me. The groove, the delivery of the lyrics, the soulful samples and the energy. That’s exactly every element that made our hang yesterday what it was. Lucky for us, this coming weekend Ror comes to LA too, so we’ll be doing it all over yet once again.