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AMTRAC – Darkest Sound

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Most of the time our darkest hours are the ones we spend our days and nights anticipating. We forget that we have all the control over the courses of our lives and our futures. Rather than project positivity we brood in all the negative shit that’s happening in our lives, ultimately creating our problems by making them a reality. We do this when we’re not happy about the way something has turned out, but rather than pinpoint all the positive things that surround us we begin embracing and amplifying the negative. It’s like we make a quick list in our heads and immediately just start jotting down all the bad stuff, completely forgetting the good. We also seem to forget that there is bad in almost everything, if you look for it.

That cold or flu that you just got out of nowhere this weekend—you brought that on yourself, believe it or not. It was your mind taking the exhaustions of the negative listings in some other aspect of your life that left itself open for something else to come in and take it over. One mention of a cold or a flu by someone near you or even just on TV, and your mind began working away at creating it. Don’t fail to remember that a cold can’t be caught by running in the rain all day because it is after all a virus, right? Or is it?

My point today is to start changing the way your mind works. Start listing all the good, positive and beautiful things in your life from the moment you wake up in the morning tomorrow even if you do happen to be sick at home with a cold or a flu. The less attention you give that cold or flu the less it will affect you. Haven’t you ever noticed that while you’re eating or having sex the symptoms to these things are nowhere to be found?

Am I saying that we can actually avoid getting sick this winter season? Yes. I am also saying that we can avoid everything negative from now on simply by learning where to point our minds to. With practice, it becomes seamless, like breathing. Start with small things and small lists and jot down only the positive. I mean, you know all the negative shit that’s there and exists already, so why continue to relive it anyway?

Play this AMTRAC tune and start living positively.