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a Weekend Playlist

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I can’t be responsible for your happiness when I have no idea what makes you sad. Even still, I don’t want to be responsible for your happiness because right now I have my own to worry about.

I know that sounds like a selfish thing to say, but I say it because I can. And I can say it because I have my own shit that I’m going through. Just because I don’t brood around about it all day and show you my sourpuss face, does not mean that I don’t have negative things happening in my life. So like I just said, ‘I, don’t want to be responsible for YOUR happiness, right now.’ 

A large part of existing in this life is measured by moments, but it’s those moments that you are out there living in-the-now that mean anything. It is those moments that are actually being lived, never relived. See, if you are reliving a moment then you are only watching a recording of a previous moment, and are doing absolutely nothing else, in the now.

Stay focused.

If you need your time to sulk, brood, cry, then that’s what you should do. Don’t go out and do it in front of others. It isn’t fair to their moments; to their time and energy.

Here’s a little weekend mix to help you do whatever it is you want do today. Maybe you do just want to sit at home in bed with your laptop and just stay connected all day. Maybe you’re heading out to brunch with the crew and hit this as you get dressed. Maybe you’re headed out for a run in Central Park or at Runyon. And maybe, you hit play just because.