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D.Corr – Radio Café

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It was a cold night in LES. Sometime last year during one of the more brutal winters I have ever experienced in NYC. I stood on the street outside of Rochelle’s waiting for a taxi to head back to Harlem. It was raining, so I was under my umbrella. Rain boots, long dark peacoat, black cashmere hat, black wool gloves. It was frigid, and so to pass the time I began doing that thing we do when it’s cold out. You know, where you start thinking of warm places and things to see if your mind is capable of tricking your body. I began thinking of that time we were in Fiji, you and I. As I recalled the first night we spend there, my body began heating up. I couldn’t believe that it was actually working.

My taxi showed up and as it drove me back Uptown I decided to continue to stay in those memories. I remembered going down the giant pool slide together, off of the yacht and into the ocean. I remember the way you looked back at me with that flawless smile. A gorgeous reflection of the sky in your aviators. Your lips magnified in this memory as they approached mine and then we landed underwater—lips still locked, hands all over one another.

It was the actual photo by Remington Long (see above) that inspired this one. The music is the bonus.

I love the Lo-fi sound of D.Corr‘s vocals on this. It’s what brought on the actual memory above of me remembering that memory. I guess it’s the same Lo-fi sound from my childhood. The way really old songs sounded coming out of car radios and Diner jukeboxes that instantly retracted my mind into the past. It’s beautiful how sounds and scents can take us back in time so seamlessly like that.

Radio Café is a tune built on awesome energy that traverses over any possible language barrier because it’s all about vibe instead. Enjoy it.