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VHS Collection – Late Night (It’s Okay)

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This tune by VHS Collection brings me back to a girl I was once seeing a couple of years ago. She lived in Williamsburgh and I wasn’t a fan, but we hung out there all the time because it was close to her work as well. I’d jump on the 1 train from the Upper West and take it down to 14th Street to transfer over to the L. The whole ride was about 25 minutes because most of the time I’d catch an express 2 or 3 train. I remember that feeling of butterflies in my stomach going absolutely berserk as I walked that tunnel towards the L. The closer I got to seeing her, the crazier the butterflies went.

We spend a lot of time walking around her beloved neighborhood and talking about life; discussing ideas and how the other would take over the world. She wanted to work the biggest music festivals on the planet, and I wanted to finish my first novel. We lived our lives to the fullest when we were together. We never had a plan. We made love as much as we talked. The sex was raunchy, fun and deliciously satisfying, but I always knew that we would have to go towards opposite paths someday, so I made sure that no matter what we did we always did it to the extreme. I think it’s because of that, that we always laughed a lot and my memories of us together are always so bright.

The world is a stage and I’m just a mime,
without words to speak my mind.”

I recall one winter Saturday she finally decided to take the trek over and up to my hood. She got off on 72nd Street and met me at my building. We hit Central Park for some fun in the snow, and then later on walked up towards the planetarium. Across from there we found a bar tucked into The Excelsior Hotel and I whisked her in, unexpectedly. She laughed as I shoved her through the revolving door, and as I made my own way through a kiss from her lips waited for me on the other side. The lobby was packed with hotel guests waiting for cabs in their fur coats and leather boots. We both just looked at everyone staring at us as if we had crashed an opera, and laughed. At the bar, she asked me if this way of living had to end for us. I lied and told her that I didn’t know because I don’t know what the future holds, but that right now life was perfect and we should live in it and not some version of tomorrow that may never come. She knew I was lying as she squinted her eyes and lashed out her beautiful smile at me, but she just kissed me again and we never talked about it after that.

Sometimes, I wish that maybe we did sit down and plan a potential future together that day. Maybe she would have changed her direction to somehow work with mine, or maybe I would have compromised my path to ride along hers. Who knows? All I know today is that our takeovers of the world are happening. She’s out there travelling and working the biggest music festivals across the globe, and I’ve finished my first novel. Who is to say that our paths won’t cross again, somewhere, because if so, we’ll pick up right where we left off. I’m sure of it.

This is my home, it’s where I reside
tho I rarely sleep at night.”