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Billy Who – Raise A Glass (Lucian Remix)

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I guess the holidays are always a time of self reflection for me because they are so familiar. There’s so much comfort in that familiarity. The reminder that safe places are as spiritual as they can be physical. The air outside warning us that the end to another year is close by. The Christmas trees and eggnog everywhere like an alarm clock set to wake us up to a reminder that 2016 is just but a few mornings away. 2015 has been: another wondrous year.

Looking back, it’s crazy how much shit can take place in those twelve months. Old loves signing themselves out of our lives, new loves fighting their ways in. Vacations, restaurants, concerts, movies, birthdays, weddings, funerals, anniversaries and graduations, baptisms and baby showers. Where does the time go? More importantly, how do we slow it all down?

In just a few days we will be opening up gifts in our pajamas around the tree. We will smile, say “cheese” for our Instagram accounts, laugh, eat and be happy. We will remember why the holidays are always such a warm and safe place in our heads. And then just a short while later, we will raise our glasses and toast to the New Year ahead of us. We will toast to continued success, progressive minds, happy spirits and souls, and peace.