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Wiz Khalifa – See You Again (Cobble Remix)

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Driving up the boulevard this sunny Sunday on the Treasure Coast headed towards the beach, life seems a tad surreal. The sky is as perfectly blue as the ocean. The white suspension bridge we are crossing looks like it’s going straight up to heaven. Underneath us, about six marinas full of the biggest yachts any of you have ever seen. This Cobble Remix of “See You Again” integrates itself seamlessly into that scenario.

Rays of sunlight trickle in through every window of the car as we drive. Our sunglasses reflecting their own reflection of another reflection without skipping a beat or anyone else thinking “how?”. The cruise control makes everything feel as if its the ground that is moving towards us as we watch the world pass us by. We sit there silently, headed to our destination for a late lunch on the coast and bask in the beauty of what life has given us in-the-now, right now. We bop our heads in sync with the quirky synths and snap our fingers on beat with the claps. We tune everything out as we vibe hard to this. We vibe hard to this.

Destination ahead, we pull up into the parking lot as the song finishes. Only God could have curated this all. Only God has that sort of perfect pitch when it comes to life.