Caius – Without You

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I’ve been in the music industry now for well over a decade. I have seen many formulas that work, but one of the easiest is simply to take someone else’s classic shit, rework/remake it and throw it out into the blogosphere. It works. It always has and it always will. Don’t get it twisted, the work/rework must be GOOD, but nowadays when it’s good it is guaranteed to get picked up by someone, somewhere, and then gain traction. This Caius rework of Ashanti‘s second #1 hit “Foolish” is pure gold.

I’m up here in NYC at La Toulousaine writing in the rain and listening to a couple of hundred new submissions of songs as I watch the world happening all around me. I’m in awe of how diverse this part of the city truly remains. It’s as if the old New York still exists here in functioning fossilized form. The fashion and stores are way more diverse than anything seen or found anywhere else in the entire NYC. More diverse than the reclaimed-wood theme every business in Williamsburg seems to adhere to; more diverse than those cold ass glass and steel megastructures of Billionaire’s Row. More diverse than the all-black-everything uniforms in the hipster guidebook, and completely contradictory to the midtown suit culture. It’s refreshing to look around and see so much color and such different styles from every single person and child that walks on by. It’s beautiful.

As the rain pours down harder and harder, I feel a calmness in the sea of divergent waves that I find myself enclosed within. Within that calmness of the rain amongst an ocean of endless color is this simplified tune that provides the pulse for every footstep and tire rotation I catch myself staring at outside this cafe’s windows. It’s like watching an Ultra HD film of someone admiring a city that they’ve only seen at night, in their dreams. Without You is perfect for this rainy NYC Sunday.