The Swoops – Into The Atmosphere

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My boy Troy (also my best friend) received his cases of rum a couple of nights ago and I rolled out with him last night as he hustled it away. He dropped off a bottle to his friend that happens to be the C.O.O. of Gansevoort. We dropped of a couple of bottles to Hugo as he dined at La Esquina on Kenmare. He came up and out to grab them, we said hello and jetted off over to DBGB on Bowery and Houston to see another friend of ours, also named Troy. He’s the head mixologist there and has a great clientele. A great move for anyone launching their spirit (in this case: rum) because not only does Troy make a killer cocktail, but he can also influence his client’s decisions and what they’ll be drinking for the night, and maybe even for the next few months. In fact, he directly influences their drink/spirit choices. He also happens to be one of the nicest people I have ever encountered in NYC. He gets so much love for that. Definitely a class act in his own rite.

My favorite cocktail that Troy made for us last night using the rum was the Old-Fashioned. It was smooth. It was delicious.

We then ran off in an Uber to Stage 48 to see another friend who bartends there. She introduced him to the owner and he said he would definitely try the rum out. We then sat at a table and sort of celebrated the success of finally having his own rum in his hands. Bottle, design, product. It’s a real thing for him. I’m proud of that guy, man.

I’ve definitely lost my affinity for all things New York City, but I can’t even front: there’s no other place in the world as magical as it.

“Into The Atmosphere” by The Swoops is what last night felt like for me, in retrospect. An awesome ride that felt good the entire way and  left me yearning for more nights like it.