Model Man – Idol

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Walk with me as I throw on my headphones and hit play on this newest Model Man track, titled: “Idol”. 

Snow boots on, I come down the three steps outside of my building. I make a left to head towards Broadway where I make another left and head to the train station: 103rd St. The 1 train is always 2 minutes away this early. It’s usually packed with people heading to work and kids heading to school. It’s not so packed this a.m. I get off at the next stop, 96th St., and cross over to the express train. The 2 train arrives. Two stops later we arrive at the Times Square station where I grab an R train heading downtown.

At Prince St, I get off and head up the stairs. I make a right onto Broadway and head downtown towards Spring. At Spring, I make a left and then walk until I arrive at Joe & The Juice. I put my bag down and set up shop to do some writing for the day. I go to the counter and order a black coffee.

Hours go by and I mostly people watch. Cool girls in the latest fashions come in and out. Some alone, some with coworkers, some just visiting looking lost, but mesmerized by our great town. I see all different kinds of people from various walks of life. If I snapped photos of just hats all day, it would probably capture what I see best.

Noon arrives and I head back to midtown. R train back to Times Square. 40th Street staircase up to Broadway. I think to myself: ‘Broadway revolves around my life. Maybe I just revolve around its’. 

I meet Elizabeth for a drink at The Setai. We flirt, but nothing more. We pay our tabs and I head back downtown to Tribeca. There’s a restaurant there which I am programming the dinner music for. It’s a beautiful place with humongous windows. The snow-filled streets outside look gorgeous. It’s chillier now than the rest of the day, and I think: ‘What a beautiful city this is; what a beautiful place to be’. 

All of that and the night isn’t even close by.

You were born in the city
Concrete under your feet
It’s in your moves, it’s in your blood
You’re a man of the street. Glenn Frey