Elliot Moss – Slip

How often do you eat when you are actually craving something? Actually hungry? Not just going through the motions. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Date night. Laundry. Make dinner. Bed. Breathe. Your daily becomes routine after a while. 

You need to do something for your dream.”

Nights slip through my fingers. Minutes pass and it feels like the scene with Zach Braff in Garden State sitting in the middle of a room when everything is whizzing by. But somehow we still cling to the excuse there is no time.

He said, “Why don’t you do something you want to then!” I was angry. I was angry until I realised he was right. Typical. It had been a while since I did something I really wanted to. Not something I had to. Laundry. Make dinner. Bed. Work. Fight. Shower. Breakfast. Call home. Sleep. Work.

Do you remember what you like to do for fun? What your mind or body crave to keep stimulating it?

The month of January has passed where many broken promises to 2016 rest. Read more books. Stop smoking. Write 500 words a day like Fitzgerald. I realise I have read more books about those people who did their 10,000 hours and am still trying to figure out how they got where they are. Typical.

Do you remember what you crave? I try to remember, grasping for a pen to make a list. What the fuck do I want to do?

This is the danger of promising yourself a night off. It is like scheduling inspiration from 11 to 12:15. I blamed you for a moment like doing this was taking away from my time to work on my dreams. But dreams are for the weak. I crave something. That means I should have the drive to get it. Take it.

But what do you chase now? What am I hungry for?

What’s the matter?
You don’t have enough rain
To make up your storm
What you look so sad for?
Where’s the light I used to know-oh-oh”