Doprah – Lucid Visions

I spend way too many Valentines’s Days buying love. Let’s not kid ourselves. That’s what it was. I was buying love all those years. Ex-fiances, ex girlfriends, ex lovers. There was something so tasteless to me about the entire thing. I mean, why did that day have to be any different than the rest? To me, it was just another day that we went out to a nice restaurant and maybe stayed at a dope hotel to take a break from our apartments. Another night to frolick under high thread counts til the next morning.

Recently, I’ve had a few dozen friends claim single for this year’s Valentine rituals. It’s been a time of change for many of them, and a time for embracing those changes. I guess it’s a positive thing to embrace drastic life-altering changes within my group. They’re usually a sign of good things and great times to come, so why not? Right?

Anyway, “Lucid Visions” by Doprah is a good way to keep tonight in front of you and make it another epic Sunday night, wherever you are. For those of you that have off tomorrow, continue to celebrate life. Continue to make moments count and make them vividly memorable because today is just another Sunday before another holiday.


Happy V-Day everyone. xo