Tooth & Tusk – Never Going Back

You’re too mature to not have love in your life everyday. Real love. Not that shit you get for a night or two every other month, but the shit that you get every other couple of hours.

Do you honestly believe that you don’t need that in your life? Or has it been that long that you forgot what it’s like to have real love in your life everyday?

I remember real love being dope. I remember it always being passionategood or bad, and especially at its craziest.

I used to think about love.
It was all too hard.

Going around in circles,
I couldn’t make up my mind.

I would turn away,
As if I just didn’t care,
What was up with that?

Maybe start looking at these passed few years as figuring out what you will and won’t accept from love, and now as the time to put it into practice. You know why? Because years go by too quick. Because time doesn’t sit around waiting for you to figure it all out at your own pace. Because why spend another day without the kind of love that makes you crazy. The kind of passion that makes you want to rush home after a long day of work.

“Never Going Back is a disco fuelled, upbeat thumper featuring funked out bass, syncopated electric guitar rhythms, 70’s porn style wah wah and rich vocal harmonies. It is an all out disco banger with Courtney Constantinou belting out the lead vocal as she sings about the difficulties of finding love and how times and expectations are changing.” 

Tune in. Zone out.