Mind The Journey – Rose Colored Glasses


Recently my son’s mother accused me of living my life through Rose Colored Glasses, and then last week on my personal blog I wrote why there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. And this week, I believe all of that much more than last. Here we are.

I’ve been reviewing music submissions for a great new platform that pays me for organizing our submissions emails for us, and pays us to listen to those submissions that we would have received anyway and provide feedback as to why decline a submission. It exposes us to new audiences, but it also lets artists know that if they want some serious attention paid to their copy/cut-and-pasted emails, they have the option to pay for access to our attention spans. Time, after all, is money, ‘no?’

My process is the same. Search high and low for a tune that makes me feel something.

Watching the pilot episode of Vinyl on HBO last night, I found myself relating to the blond intern (Jamie Vine) from Kew Gardens, Queens in NYC who pitches a band called Nasty Bits. It’s not that she digs their sound, it is the fact that they make the crowds feel something, good or bad, that she loves. That’s what I look for in music: for the music to make me feel something. Make me remember a moment in time that felt the same. A split second from a love affair that had the same sounds. A long distance drive in the rain through the Fall’s foliage. Anything.

At the beginning of this track, I hated it. It starts off loud and obnoxious like something we would expect to jump out at us while listening to a new Kanye or Kendrick Lamar album. The abrupt sounds almost make me skip this altogether until the next submission. And then something changes.

The reason that there is nothing wrong with seeing things through Rose Colored Glasses is because the rose colored glass is the mix of the world that takes place first, in your mind, and then the one here, in which things that already took place in your mind must be executed. Rose Colored Glasses are a filter of those two worlds happening harmoniously.

At 00:53 seconds, the tune changes. The sonic chaos is gone, and a beautiful mixture of sounds warmly takes over. The song slows its pace down, and the vocals follow suit. I dig what it’s saying. I put it on repeat and purchase the track for $1. If you dig it too, you should support this kind of imaginative, edgy, non-traditional and risky experimental approach to music. I personally hate when something sounds too familiar to me.

When faith is tried, will you turn to what’s inside