Leon Bridges – Coming Home

After months, days, weeks, hours, endless minutes – it is nearing Spring. The concept of Spring is like a natural new year, it is when you can declutter, fall in love, see the sun and reassess your life or closet or work. Unlike New Year’s it gives you time to settle in and it looks far more optimistic than the dismal view from January to the next sunny day you can really question, what the fuck am I doing?

I am better at spring resolutions anyway. A New Year’s resolution usually revolves around 5 less pounds and being more assertive for most. Spring has the essence of rebirth in a way, you shed things for Spring. I was out yesterday with a girl friend. We are both moving back to America from overseas and are in the place where you get rid of everything that doesn’t fit in two bags. There is a moment in all of this where you start to feel lighter and freer. It is never the intention of your things you collect to end up weighing you down. Think about the major movies and books and stories you may have heard. Wild, she puts it all in storage to go on a trek. So does the protagonist in Eat Pray Love. Into the Wild. Etc. 

So much of how we frame ourselves revolves around the company we keep with our things. But in the event of fire, a flash move opportunity, a swift exit – we are forced to think about what of this matters and what we have collected for ourselves. Like heavy dust on our life. 

What would you keep if you had just two bags to pack it all up and leave? Do you think you would really miss the other bits in the end? Or is this a chance to rebuild what you want in your life like a spring awakening?

On that note, the idea of shedding and letting go and sorting what you want is one part. The other is realising what you used to identify yourself with. A lot of things that are sitting on the side of my suitcase are the things that I wanted to represent me. The things I thought were tokens of my lifestyle. Of being the person I wanted to be. Again torn if I wanted those to represent that part of me if having them can make them part of me or if I will ever be the imposter holding my own things aiming to be a version of myself. Then I am left asking, who is really paying attention? Not in a morbid or sad or “look at me way”. People are busy and we put alot of pressure on ourselves to fit the box. To buy that stuff to begin with. To be the person we thought they all needed.

It is shedding parts of you,  you are bare and vulnerable. Left with just you. Isn’t that enough? Isn’t the stuff we want people to associate with us something we do with our words, with our taste? 

I love this song and this man’s voice. I have had him on a daily mix for a while. Sounding like the old school vocal styling of the crooners of the ‘50s and ‘60s. Leon Bridges has been on the scene for a bit now but also still getting his footing. I wonder if this is the only version he has of himself or if he has the stuff on the side of his suitcase he is willing to leave behind to go home.