Andrew Luce & Graves – Up to You (feat. Chelsea Cutler)

“Go break a leg…” Those words echo distantly out of the pensive and eerie intro to Andrew Luce and Graves new beauty. Chelsea Cutler’s chilling melodies dance around for a minute before you realize the gravity of them. “It’s all up to you….anyway.”

It’s one of those concepts that we hear throughout our lives, we talk about it, we think about it for a few minutes, but then the concept is forgotten. Most people just don’t really understand what it means. In our moments of confidence and fearlessness, it’s easy to accept the notion that “it’s all up to you.” You’re empowered, excited, looking forward to things in your life, and you grasp it – you realize that it really is all up to you. There’s nothing else in the entire universe that can make your decisions for you or take the controls out of your hands. You’re on top of your shit, you’re making good decisions and all the cliche’s about feeling unstoppable begin to resonate.

But then something happens that shakes your confidence and bursts your bubble. Like ants crawling through a tiny crack in the wall, all of your old fears and worries stream back in, and you buy into every single one of them (again). Those old thoughts tell you that your confidence was just temporary and fleeting. They tell you that your true state of being is one of anxiety, and now you’re back home again. All the momentum is halted, and you sit there feeling defeated and deflated in every area of your life.

Now compare these two extremes – what really is the difference here? Why in one moment do you believe that you can become the greatest version of yourself, and in the next moment feel doomed to shrinking into the worst version of yourself. It’s because you forgot that “it’s all up to you.” It’s that simple, you just forgot for a moment. But some people forget for their whole lives, and those are usually the people who claim that they’re always the victim. “I can’t believe so-and-so did this to me!” “I can’t believe this bitch said this to me!” “I can’t believe that asshole just cut me off!” When you think this way, you’re giving power to everyone else out there but yourself. You’re turning over control of your thoughts and your life to random people you see out in the world. The jerk behind the cash register, the loser who bumped into you at the mall. You’re really going to let them “ruin your day?” Don’t be that weak.

“It’s all up to you…anyway.” When something is left “up to you,” you still have to tend to it. It doesn’t just happen automatically. When your parents leave town and leave the feeding of the cat up to you, you still have to feed the cat. But the point is, YOU CONTROL THE OUTCOME. You can either feed the cat, or you can neglect feeding the cat. We all know the outcome of both scenarios. So when you truly believe you control the outcome, than the little actions that come with controlling the outcome aren’t such a hassle. In fact, those little actions create your life. And soon you realize that you’re controlling all aspects of your life. And when that happens, you realize you’ve morphed into an extremely successful person who attracts awesome people and incredible opportunities.

Why in the world would you pass up that kind of opportunity? It’s a pretty simple choice, but you gotta make the choice. Nobody is gonna force you to do anything, because, it’s all up to you…….anyway. Many thanks to Andrew, Graves and Chelsea for reminding us.