Lost Boy Crow – Thursday

While lost deep in the zone of this throwback indie-soul slow burner, I realized something about it’s title “Thursday” – it’s without a doubt the best day of the week. Friday is a sell-out, way too basic. Saturday is too crowded, filled with amateurs. Sunday is just a countdown to Monday. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are basically a wash for all intents and purposes. But Thursday…Thursday is the piece that holds the whole damn thing together. You know why? Because Thursday is filled with potential and invites promise. It’s a window to “freedom” – everything is laid out in front of you on Thursday. People are happier because they’ve made it to the other side of the hump. Plans start to materialize. A full slate of games is on Sunday and you can start talking shit. It’s having all of these things in front of you that’s exciting. It’s the gift of having something to look forward to.

See, that’s the whole key to life – having something to look forward to. Think about it. Boredom stems from not having anything to look forward to. Depressions stems from not having anything to look forward to. There’s no reason to feel anxious when you have something to look forward to. When you’re lazy and apathetic it’s because you don’t have anything pulling you out of bed, begging you to contribute to humanity that day. You gotta have that thing on your mind that you’re excited to get closer to, whether it’s a party on Friday night or a brunch with buddies on Sunday. Or a vacation. Or that business venture you’re working to close out. Or that movie you’ve been writing. Or…or… or…

You see where we’re headed here? It’s not only about the small things like looking forward to dinner and a movie on Saturday night. It’s about the big picture. Do you have something to look forward to in general? Is there some end goal you’re working towards? Cause if there was, you’d be hopping out of bed, ready to crush the day, looking forward to doing all of the little things keep you moving towards your goal. That’s when you’re in the flow, and it’s impossible to be bored, helpless, or hopeless. Every single moment of the day feels like Thursday. Lost Boy Crow knows what I’m talking about now we’ve got a theme song for the best day of the week.