SNBRN (feat. Holly Winter) – Sometimes

Something about beginning of this song feels as pensive as the title. It’s feels like it’s testing the waters, dipping it’s toe in to see how cold it is. Then you can feel the nostalgic vibe kick in, the misty-eyed thoughts about the past, certain electric moments that are ingrained in your brain like flashbulb memories. Those moments are the “sometimes.” In fact, if you add up all the things you do sometimes, it most likely equals close to 100% of your time and life.

“Sometimes, the fever in my bones won’t break
I wanna make the same mistakes.”

I guess you could call them moments, but i like the concept of “sometimes.” It ties into the concept of moderation, which is another fascinating topic. I think about moderation a lot, in terms of “when/what is too much?” What’s an acceptable level of anything? Confounding stuff, probably TOO MUCH for right now, so I digress.

My point is, doing things “sometimes” is what keeps things exciting. It also keeps things simple – do something all the time, and it loses it’s charm and enjoyment, that’s no mystery. The same is true of the flip, and I don’t see anything noble about denying yourself things you enjoy. Plus when you go without, then you just end up needing from people and putting a strain on your relationships. But if you indulge too much, odds are you’re putting a strain on your relationships in that scenario too. Listen to SNBRN and Holly and save yourself, your friends and your family the trouble – just do things sometimes.

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