Palmistry – Club Aso


When I float in the water, there’s a sense that I am both in control and helpless to the current running under me. That I’m part of something bigger I can completely give in to, but if I wanted to, I could still move. Move to cause a ripple and change myself in the blue vastness. And isn’t that freedom? The acceptance of something bigger with the simultaneous acknowledgement of some agency.

When I can float in a song, there’s a sense it’s taking me somewhere gently and not pushing me aggressively towards a climax I’m supposed to lose myself in. Club Aso, Palmistry’s first single off his debut album, PAGAN, drifts me slowly into that freedom meditatively. Staying animated, though, the track makes it feel appropriate to close your eyes and forget where you are while continuously giving you just enough to keep you happily moving.

Palmistry’s PAGAN takes dancehall and does away with the extra pomp superstars Rihanna and Sean Paul generously cake on top for audiences to lick off while moving to the essential rhythm the genre has to offer. Club Aso lets you indulge all you want in that delicious essence of Caribbean music without getting swept up by all that extra stuff.

I love it, control me, the way it holds me…”

Fall back into nostalgia or allow your mind to create images to match the flow that itself almost seems like a hallucination. It’s a buoyant and relaxed kind of sensory intake rather than that whitewater rafting rush pop crossover tracks aim at generating. You’re safe in that warm foundation that is Palmistry’s subtle current of motion pushing you forward like waves.


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