Coolwater Set and RAC – The Coast (feat. Jvzel)

Ironically, I’m sitting about 200 feet from the actual coastline as I write this, the ebb and flow of the waves almost as hypnotizing as this throwback beauty from Coolwater Set and RAC. The smooth syrupy rhythm of the song along with the natural rhythm of the ocean put me into quite a zone. Also the huge joint I was smoking might have had something to do to with said zone. Regardless, please indulge these Coolwater/RAC/weed inspired thoughts, if you don’t mind:

The waves, their rhythm and patterns, don’t they kinda define the way life works? At first the wave builds slowly, absorbing energy and moving within gravity’s rules. Then when it’s built up enough momentum it grabs hold of an already established current and starts to move in line with that current’s motion. Soon it blossoms into the fullest version of itself, rises up as far as it can reach, and then crashes down to the surface, it’s essence absorbed into the land and sucked back out into the collective mass (consciousness). Then it gets to do it all over again.

Shouldn’t we all live like the wave? Spend time preparing, pick our spots and when the flow is right, you dive in and make the biggest damn impression you possibly can until you expire and become part of the earth once again. Maybe our spirit goes back into the collective mass and heads out on it’s next journey, just like the brand new wave that rises again.

“As I flow, with the most, cruise control, down pacific coast, never feelin lost, life goes round hundred spokes”

Yeah, back to the music (I probably shouldn’t have mentioned the part about that joint). It’s that pulse…that thump that drives this banger. Jvzel’s haunting vocals and the FM guys silky flows complement the vibe perfectly, and the result is a classic sounding banger that works on every level.

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