BECOME x So Below – Far

I love the contrast on this new BECOME remix. The warm, pulsating, bass-heavy dance track somehow perfectly supports So Below’s colder, haunting vocals. They almost have a frustrated desperation to them, but the track provides a reassuring presence, giving her voice more of a home. Almost telling them that it’ll be ok.

I can imagine hearing this voice in my head while trudging through a rainy, cold UK night. Looking for an awning to stand under, but there’s nothing, and the rain keeps coming down in buckets. Not only are my clothes soaked through, but it feels like the rain has soaked through my skin too. Cold, shivering, looking for some sort of way out of the moment. But every door is locked, there’s not a car on the street, and a dark sky is only getting darker. But then the other half of this song comes to save the day, a door bursts open and immediately I’m pulled into a cozy room full of an opposite energy.

A muggy haze hangs over the dance floor. Strobe lights bounce around in the fog. Reality fades away somewhere between the alternating bright colors and encompassing darkness, back and forth, back and forth. Substances are ingested. Liquor is poured. Bodies move past one another, fading away as quickly as they enter a now-altered gaze. A surreal dreamscape unfolds. A world of its own, untouched by what exists outside of its confines, a place where time is stretched until it breaks, no longer a concern. This is where “Far” exists, now and forever and I’m happy to stay.

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