Fjord – I Get It Now

I love when bands make a statement song. I’m not talking about a “We Will Rock You” eternal anthem type of statement song, I’m talking about that subtle sort of song that cements the bands existence. How often do you hear a cool song by a new band, and then, well, that’s about it for that? All the time of course, on the obscure level, the indie hot-level on the the more infamous one-hit-wonder level. Fjord released “Blue,” a polished, rich electro-pop song and showed up on the radar. Next time I heard from them was their beautiful cover of Neil Young’s “Hey Hey My My,” but covers are tricky to gauge. So in a sense, I was still waiting for Fjord’s follow-up.

Thankfully, “I Get It Now” shows that Fjord is the real deal. I get it now (haha, nice!). The song oozes confidence, coolness and sounds like it belongs on the top shelf amongst other statements songs. Songs when bands declared that they were more than just a lucky jam. What a relief for the fan that took a liking to that first song, hoping they could count on the band to deliver something else that could validate calling them “my favorite new band” or something like that. Remember that feeling? You hear this great song, build up this legend about the band in your head, and then (unfairly) the band has to live up to these massive standards with that next song. And then you hear the new song, and it sounds like what you hoped for. It carries the coolness of the band that’s been built up in your mind. It’s unpredictable, exciting and generally two steps ahead of your (high) hopes. That’s how you deliver, and that’s exactly what Fjord did on “I Get It Now.”

Next comes their “Textures” EP on September 16th, and rather than fret about whether it’ll live up to the standards i’ve set for them, I can comfortably relax knowing it’s gonna be fantastic. No longer a blip on the radar, Fjord is now a huge presence that can’t be ignored. And it doesn’t hurt that they kinda sound AND look like Tears For Fears.

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