Equal – Postcards (Plastic Plates remix) – PREMIERE

This one just feels good. It’s quite a departure from Equal’s original version, which is great in its own right. But while that version was saddled with a lonely vibe (which makes perfect sense based on the lyrics of this song – a man who’s been away too long and knows his love interest has moved on to someone else), Plastic Plates has added brighter layers with this exquisite remix, giving the song a brand new tone. Rather than sounding like he’s a bit sad and confused as he did on the original version, vocalist Sam Island now sounds sure of himself and confident in the way life is playing out. All thanks to a driving dance track with perfect synth stabs sprinkled in for good measure.

I feel like the difference between the original and the remix is a perfect analogy for the way one can view life. Sam’s lyrics and tone don’t change between the two, in fact I’m sure it’s the same vocal track. But backed by Plastic Plates track, Sam sounds at peace with his love interest moving on. He’s chosen a life on the road and because he’s confident in his choice, all other things that occur around him are ok. Behind Equal’s original track Sam sounded like he was full of regrets and pined for things to get back to the way they used to be. And that’s no knock on Equal’s version, it’s just a fascinating difference in tone.

So in effect, the original track is analogous to our negative thought patterns, and the remix is akin to our positive thought patterns. We all know that you create your life based on the way you react to the events in your life. You wanna be a victim? You’ll find a million opportunities to play that role. You wanna be a leader? You’ll find just as many chances to take a hold of that position. Some dude cuts you off on the freeway – it can ruin your day or you can forget about it in 3 seconds. Always your choice.

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