Khruangbin – Master of Life

I think music has had periods of everything; time’s when the virtuoso, complex artist came on top. Other times that call for over-the-top production to make up for a thin performance. But in the best of times, it is always about one small, despicably overlooked thing: the feeling. The groove. That je-ne-sais-quoi that reals you in time and time again. That thing that simply can’t be replicated. That feeling that only comes with personal experience, through introspective even visceral living, through tears and smiles. Feeling Life can be just as powerful as it is beautiful, and many times it can knock us to our knees if we take our eyes off of it. I guess all I’m trying to say is this band made me feel before it made me think. And that’s unusual for someone that’s been working in the music industry for the past decade.

So strip down a band of its vocals, free it of its public’s expectation, And listen to the feeling they lay down for you. That guitar.

The band name, not sure, but I think its pronounced “Smooth-af”.