Billie Eilish – Six Feet Under (Jerry Folk Remix)

With leaves beginning to fall toward the Earth and the brisk air becoming more chilled every day, fall is undoubtedly upon us. For this brief lapse of time, nature’s beauty is insurmountable as cascades of orange, red, and yellow permeate landscapes. Yet, just as quickly as it came, the color will soon seep away, nature’s beauty redefined once more.

If there is a proper audible compliment for that transition, look no further than Jerry Folk’s remix of “Six Feet Under.” A barren atmosphere driven by a methodically bleeping synth akin to Kanye West’s “Say You Will,” it frames Billie Eilish’s vocals as a proverbial light within the darkness of an earlier setting sun. As she croons, “Could roses bloom?”, the thought of the cold providing an alternative elegance is seemingly echoed with hints of affirmation. Yet, as a new arrangement of synthesizers and keys blossoms in the track’s closing moments, it becomes certain; even when a landscape is not outright flourishing, there is still allure to be found.

And thus, Folk’s reimagining of “Six Feet Under” will continue to spin as I watch the seasons give way to one another, the Earth’s cycles continuing to unfold.

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