Emma Sameth – 2AM

I’m a night owl by nature; whether it be the glare of a Macbook or glistening of the stars, my eyes are generally fixated on a source of light long after the sun has set. Over the past summer in particular, I would lay in the dark while skyscrapers’ static light and police cars’ dynamic mixture of red-and-blue permeated in tandem through the blinds of my downtown apartment window. If I couldn’t fall asleep, I would slip outside onto the balcony and watch the city slowly move along; an occasional car turning onto our street here, a person fixated on their phone or inhaling a cigarette there.

My senses were never overwhelmed with the medley of sights that took place during the day. Even if my mind was racing with anxiety, it was a time in which I could engage in self-healing and feel at peace within the framework of a massive, complex metropolis. Her story isn’t the same as mine, but something about Emma Sameth’s “2AM” conveys the vibes that I experienced in that apartment and on that balcony. The gorgeous, effects-tinged vocals amidst an expansive atmosphere remind me of my sense of organic humanity meshing with the constructed world which I called home. Only weeks away from my permanent return to Los Angeles, it takes me back to the experience of fading into the night once more.

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