CUT_ – Tune In Tune Out

I am all about some feel good beats right now, something that makes the sun shine even when the day is gloomy and cold.  I am learning how to use Logic Pro, I am noticing certain technicalities in music that I didn’t before and I think that is part of the reason this track jumps out at me.  There is break in the beat that I almost thought may have been a mistake at first and quickly realized it wasn’t but it grabbed my attention, so I am focusing on what grabs my attention and trying to use it as a teaching tool.

I am always excited to learn something new, there are a million things in this world to learn about.  The more you learn the less you have to depend on other people, you can do it all yourself, how convenient right!?  I have had many moments where I was dependent on someone else because I trusted their word, only to be left with disappointment.  Words mean nothing, action is everything. Trust yourself, you can teach the human mind and body to do anything you want it too

I am really diggin’ this electronic pop duo that hails all the way from Amsterdam.  The arrangement and synth is really good in this track and not too complex, just the right mix of musical ingredients.  The european jams catch my attention quite a bit, there is just something in the water over there, I really need to start doing some more jet setting.  I really have no excuses. “You have a kid” some might say, well that’s no excuse, she needs to see the world!

Hangovers, football, brunch, whatever button has been pressed for you on this Sunday, don’t fret cuz tomorrow is a holiday so you can keep the weekend going however your little heart desires.  Press play on this one and tune yourself back in.

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