WRLD x Savoi – Hideaway

Whether it’s a physical space or a state of mind, we all have our hideaways. Some are healthy, some are self-destructive, but WRLD and Savoi’s “Hideaway” reminds me of those that inspire utter bliss. Personally, my hideaway has become driving down Sunset Boulevard until I hit the coast then driving north; as the fresh ocean breeze flows through the windows, the sight of waves crashing downward and valleys spiraling upward flank each side of the highway. Even while surrounded by the occasional car, it brings me to a sense of inner peace that’s difficult to achieve within the confines of a space lacking such expansive nature. As of right now, I can’t imagine another space that brings me such inner peace.

With that being said, “Hideaway” emanates an organic sense of joy akin to how I feel surrounded by those aforementioned sights. As the synths twinkle in the verse and warp into joyous masses in the chorus, Savoi delivers an utterly beautiful vocal performance that compliments that airy, earnest production of WRLD. To be frank, the track is an instant favorite that sets up a mightily promising 2017 for WRLD and Savoi alike.

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