I’ve been posting about a lot about art that emanates overwhelmingly joyous vibes as of late, but not everything I’m into is an audible kaleidoscope. That’s not to say ARMNHMR and DATHAN’s remix of “AKIRA” is in turn a depressive undertow, but its artwork sets a tone of darkness surrounded by a border of light that I absolutely adore and mirrors my non-homogenous taste.

In particular, the visual accompaniment combined with the atmosphere of the remix reminds me of the nature of everyday life that I’m coming to understand. As someone who struggles with a host of depressive issues, I’ve always alternated between feeling fantastic and utterly hopeless at the flip of a switch. Yet in recent times, I’ve begun to subscribe to the idea that remaining at a more balanced state where I don’t become so invested in the highs and the lows is my best way of living. The world is not composed wholly of darkness or of light, and while difficult to remember during select moments, it’s important to try and maintain that perspective.

I feel that ethos throughout this song’s framework; while a synth abrasively warps between invigorating and abrasive throughout the drop, the bridge to the track’s final outing is draped in mystifying dramatics that give way to a drop balancing darkness and light once more.

It’s quite the feeling when art lines up with your life and helps you understand yourself just a bit further.

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