Bronze Whale x Popeska – “Imagine” (feat. Tom Aspaul)

Imagine. Construct a concept within your mind on a micro or macro level. Allow it to expand as your mind generates in new directions, but don’t just imagine – create. Turn imagination into reality.

It’s not always feasible, but if you’re afforded the ability, don’t allow your colorful, unique ideas to sink back into the seeming nothingness they emerged from. Contribute to the world around you when possible. I’ve attempted to carry this out as an exercise lately; whether it’s a broad yet high-reaching idea at work or seemingly small idea around friends, I’ve found it to be beyond rewarding to introduce an imagination-generated idea to the world. Not only does it have the attempt to come to fruition, but other people are able to mold and add to the idea until it becomes not just a product of singular thought, but a collective project that emphasizes the raw, wondrous power of a motivated humanity.

Bronze Whale, Popeska, and Tom Aspaul imagined. Hear the jubilant results for yourself below.

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