Axel Mansoor – Wasted My Love

My taste in music has few grounded roots in the music I cover most often these days. In fact, I spent the entirety of my teenage years almost exclusively invested in a range of heavy genres – hardcore, metalcore, and deathcore just to name a few. Why mention this? On Axel Mansoor’s “Wasted My Love,” there’s a specific moment in the song, a bridge around 2:20 in particular, that instantly transports me back to my days as a post-hardcore fiend. The bands I found most palatable in that genre placed an emphasis on a balance between heaviness and melody; thus, bridges loaded with melodic flair that would lead into a mosh-ready chorus were ever-common.

While surely not a call to get the pit moving, the bridge on “Wasted My Love” feels like an early Tides of Man song circa-Dreamhouse. It’s a gorgeous transition that finds Mansoor at his vocal peak on the song, isolated and crystal clear, to the point that I’m waiting for Tilian Pearson to enter the equation and deliver some complimentary high octaves before diving into a guitar-driven organized chaos.

While I never expected to discover that type of vibe on SoundCloud, it’s a wonderful moment that shows how genres can collide in the most peculiar ways.

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