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Kill Paris (Feat. Nevve and Monstre) – Junkie (DNMO Remix)

I don’t know how I missed this stunning DNMO remix of one of my favorite songs of 2016 – Kill Paris/Nevve/Monstre’s “Junkie.” The original version captured such a special mood that any remix would have a tough time living up, but damn DNMO comes close on this. The dark, mechanical synth tones that bubble and brew under the track give the pensive vocals a new sense of tension. The drop is truly cathartic, feeling akin to a wall bursting under the pressure of tons of water. Or perhaps like a junkie fulfilling a need for a fix.

It’s such a thin line isn’t it – the human need/want to indulge in something, experience it for all it’s worth…BUT, don’t you dare enjoy it too much and grow addicted to it, cause then it’ll ruin your life. Think about that for a moment. As humans bursting at the seams with emotion, it’s natural for us to want to put all of our energy behind something we’re passionate about. But you’ve constantly got to be aware not to slip over that thinnest of lines, and become a “junkie” for something. You can “over” anything, from work to food to sex to sleep. So maybe the key is to WANT something like a junkie, but control your actions enough to participate in it like a balanced person. Be passionate as all hell in your mind, but ACT as though you’re proceeding with calculated caution. We’re instruments for all things creative if we’re controlled and balanced.