I’m going to get personal…

I am going to get a bit personal with you all. I have thought a lot about whether or not to post this but I don’t appreciate false accusations or being SHAMED on social media, being called horrible names and accusing me of being a “thieve”. (And it’s spelled thief by the way.)

Once upon a time not so long ago there was a writer on this blog, a writer who was actually a huge thief. Stole money from many people, even stole money from this very blog. When my old partner finally realized what I had been saying all of these years and got rid of him. Now let’s fast forward…

Right before the New Year my old partner and I split ways and I took over the blog ( I have been a part of this blog for many years and have always protected it), so it only made sense that I keep it going as I have been a very trusted loyal person for all these years on EMPT. When we made the transition unfortunately some things crashed, some posts were lost and a lot of things had to be rebooted which took days. In order to reboot a lot of what we had lost (and we lost a bunch of posts we couldn’t get back), all the posts that were rebooted had to be put in the admins name, Me being the new admin. This really made me upset because I DO NOT under any circumstances take credit for other people’s work. I ghost write for a living so I understand what it’s like to have other people take credit for your work. I did my absolute best to credit back the writing to the correct people and these people who are still writing for the blog can vouch for me on this, it took some days and some hours but I did it. And if these shameful people who are trying to slander me on social media don’t believe me then just ask the writers on my blog yourself!

Fortunately, I do not communicate with this old writer who has slandered me on social media nor do I ever want to. Frankly all this person had to do was ask me about this situation. I don’t know who wrote every post written on this blog and I didn’t pay much attention to this persons posts so since there has been no communication I certainly didn’t know which posts to credit him back.  Now I would have had no problem if he had emailed me directly asking me about the why his post was under my name. I would have done something about it as I did for the other writers who went through very graciously to send me a list of what they had written on the blog.

So that is me getting personal with you all. One thing I don’t appreciate in this life is being accused of something I am not by incredibly shady human beings who tried to steal and destroy the well being of this blog and I am sure those of you who love this blog don’t appreciate this information at all. I hope you band behind me and show me support as I am one the most gracious, honest and loyal human beings.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate everyone’s loyalty to the blog and I am going to keep it as honest, real and better than ever for all of you out there reading and listening.

Be good to the world, be good to yourself!

Much love. xx