Hight – Runway

Oh gosh, we should be taking off, but every time we stop we restart the wrong way.”

At this point in my life I realize how many fish there are in the sea. In my personal opinion there isn’t one person for everyone, there are hundreds, do you know how many people there are in the world that would click with you, A LOT! I used to not think this and shit I could be wrong because I haven’t dated in over two years but the person I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life, I fought tooth and nail for, I didn’t end up with this person, in fact we barely know each other anymore. If we ever met again I assume it would be like meeting a stranger, and would we click like we did the day we met?

Like I said, there are many out there for one person, that’s why now I am watching all my friends, some in failed relationships, some in good ones, some fighting to hang on to something that just isn’t there but I totally understand not wanting to give up, sometimes you just have too.  This track is just the pick me up with optimistic lyrics on the subject at hand helping the doubt to feel ok.  Live a little and get back out there, press play and I am sure this one will get your engine going again if your feeling a bit under the weather.  Speaking of weather, Seattle enough with the rain, California I’ll see your cute sunny ass next weekend!

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