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Kid Astray – Fall To My Knees

Oh man, first I want to apologize for the lack of posts this past week.  Passover, Easter weekend, Coachella, (No, I didn’t get to go to Coachella!), and on top of all of that I am packing up my house all by myself with a 16 month old needing my attention, plus work.  No excuses tho, nothing should get in the way of giving you all the quantity and quality you deserve, I will make it up to you 😉

I got a nice relaxing weekend in Cali with some fam this past weekend and it fueled me up to kick it into high gear with all of the shit I have to do in the next two weeks.  As relaxing as it was it went by too fast and I was having the weirdest dreams about the past, this life I lived where I was walking on egg shells, too caught up in love, not worrying enough about myself, blah blah blah, you have heard it all from me before so I will spare the details.  I guess those dreams are a reminder of where I am at now.  I am able to completely be myself without being shit on for who I am.  I don’t have to answer to anyone (except my daughter, she is BOSSY!).  Everything is 100% in my control and it feels damn good.

I’ve been going to far pretending and it’s ending.”

That lyric rings true for what the rock bottom of the past looked liked, I was trying to be something for someone that I just wasn’t, but thankfully I found my true self again and remembered what pure joy and happiness was and is.  I like the vibe this track gives off and how it brought me back to the dreams I have been having to do a bit of dissecting.  Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and an amazing time at Coachella if you were lucky enough to go, press play!

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