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Dede – Faultline (Feat. Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear)

I sit here writing, looking out of a Helsinki apartment window through crisp Nordic air — the sun rises at 4:45am and sets at 10:30pm — a strange paradox for an expatriate from LA. My view of old bricks, cream & salmon stone, stoic church steeples and tin roofing reminds me that Europe was ancient before America was even a dream. Massive cranes and glass mesh with the historical fabric into a retro future, we don’t get the same juxtaposition in the United States where cities are still young.

Fitting that my soundtrack would be this gem from DEDE & Ed Droste…ephemeral, transitory, capturing crystalline space and time in these moments where I feel removed and foreign. Just an observer in a place that isn’t home, carried along by haunting, almost alien melodic flow. And it should be noted that the duet is executed perfectly — voices fusing each other into a kind of hypno-soothe, the perfect sedative for reflective world travel.