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PHANTOGRAM – You Don’t Get Me High Anymore (A-Trak Remix) [feat. Joey Purp]

I’ve been a running around a chicken with their head cut off since I have been back in NYC, I mean that’s the NYC lifestyle so I didn’t expect anything less or any relaxation once I got here.  It’s been amazing to be back, back on the grind, back blazin’ trails with aggressive hardworking artists such as myself.  That’s why I love it here, people don’t stop whether they are working or playing, they just don’t stop, “sleep when you are dead”, I love that and you will probably hear me say it a lot because once you become an adult with conviction it should be a saying that you live by… And die by!

You don’t get me high anymore.”

I am relating to this a lot in terms of the things that have changed in my life.  I was only away from NYC for 7 months, but being away for that amount of time I think I was able to look at NYC from a different perspective, decide who I really wanted in my life when I got back, who was there for me, who wasn’t.  Things change a lot when you have kids, it’s an eye opener in terms of the way your friends react towards you, how your lifestyle has to change a bit.  Don’t get me wrong I love the way my life has changed, I love all of the challenges and learning experiences but it is definitely crazy how your whole world can flip and you are rearranging EVERYTHING!  Certain things, certain people, they just don’t get me high anymore…

I needed a good feel good Summer track to get me ready for the weekend in the Hamptons, this one got me in the mood so press play and maybe I will see some of you out there! xx

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