Pablo Nouvelle feat. Lulu James – Wired

I’m always down for a visceral house tune that winds through atmospheric, dance-floor driven bliss. Pablo Nouvelle’s newest is just that as it conjures images of sparse strobe lights piercing a dense fog hanging over the sweaty masses of a club. Each person present contributes their interpretation of the song’s rhythm to a greater collective of bodies moving in unison to the beat. It’s a no brainer for Armada to back a track that checks off all the boxes of an essential house offering: a smoky vocal topline, pitch perfect percussion, and an exquisite blend of ethereal synth touches sprinkled throughout a gritty synth at center stage.

Excuse me while I continue to rave about “Wired”, but it’s seriously a song that reminds me of why I have a genuine passion for house music. There’s no other genre that can make me move in my seat on command and immediately welcome its part human, part machine embrace. I can get lost in the music for hours at a time, where eight minute extended cuts feel like mere moments in a state of extended bliss. I have a playlist for those occasions, a playlist that “Wired” is now a part of.

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