Michael Mason – Evil Presence (ft. Sophie Meiers)

If there’s an evil presence on Michael Mason’s new single, it feels more like a succubus or siren of the sea rather than a traditional savage. From beginning to end, the track is utterly intoxicating, its sonic embrace slowly pulling you in closer and closer. The array of synths is disorienting at points while Sophie Meiers’ declares “I came to create my own hell, now you’re all under my spell”, a notion that’s impossible to disagree with as she self reflects: “evil presence in my soul.”

While not lyrically similar, the mood her and Mason create reminds me of Fever Ray’s “Triangle Walks”. Dark, melodramatic, and deceptively infectious, it creeps into the subconscious. Just like the album artwork, a figure with nothingness in place of its eyes stares into your soul – good luck breaking away from its grasp. It demands you replay “Evil Presence” again and again. You oblige.

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