Pop Funk – Everything But Ordinary (Feat. Blake Rose)

I love tracks with unique sonic touches. The sound of water swaying back and forth on “Everything But Ordinary” is a perfect example as it bookends the song with a hypnotizing element that also adds an aura of organic life. I’m equally into the adorable vocal sample during the hook that’s in the same vein of Yoshi’s signature yelp as it brings an element of childish nostalgia to the table. They’re characteristics that contribute to the wonderfully melodic whole of Pop Funk and Blake Rose’s introductory statement to 2018, a pop-laden outing that immediately sticks to the brain and refuses to let go.

On a personal note, it’s well documented that the last year of my life was everything but ordinary. I’ve never experienced as many high highs and low lows as I did throughout 2017. That being said, 2018 is the year that I’m shooting for stability. I crave the simplicity of the ordinary – don’t get me wrong, I still have lofty goals for my work and personal life, but I want to be grounded through those pursuits. It’s a resolution that I’m excited to maintain from today and onward.

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