deelanZ – Snake In The Grass

I generally wouldn’t associate Salt Like City with forward thinking rock music, but the beauty of the internet age and its democratization of music makes it possible for artists like deelanZ to transcend their regional constraints. Thus we have “Snake In The Grass”, a raucous blend of urgent synth sounds (at least I think that’s what they are!) with apocalyptically groovy guitars – they’re super smooth but they feel like the eye of the storm which is pretty fitting considering what this song is apparently about. deelanZ’s vocals continue that trend with an effortlessly cool factor to them that makes being left by his lover after emerging from a coma sound like a fucked up incident he takes in total stride. What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold.

The coolness of this song also provides a pretty nice framework for how to deal with resentments. Rather than enveloping yourself in anger until it breaks you, you can feel those emotions healthily and then pragmatically channel them into a productive outlet. And hell, what’s a more productive outlet than killer music? Make your point, make it sound awesome, and then move on. That’s a formula I can get behind.

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