We’ve all been there – there’s a friend who we love dearly, but patience be damned, we simply don’t like the people around them. Maybe it’s the way they talk, maybe it’s the views the espouse, maybe it’s the way they laugh, maybe it’s the vibe they carry…regardless of the reason at hand, the resentment exists and we’re left to deal with it. It’s easy to let distaste eat away at your core, but I prefer the route EVAN GIIA has taken on her single – scream it from the top of your lungs and let it all out! It doesn’t have to be in the presence of those who you dislike, but it’s cathartic to vocalize your feelings, even if it’s just you in your lonesome, until they subside.

That being said, EVAN GIIA makes it sound as cathartic as it can be on “I DON’T LIKE UR FRIENDS”. It’s an insanely catchy song with a matter-of-fact tone that feels like a rallying cry for everyone to let their resentments go. Personally, I journal out my thoughts these days or talk to a confidant and it provides the relief that she puts on full display. Hopefully this song gives people who have been feeling the pressure from life and all it entails to decompress in whatever way feels the most natural to them.

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