mona on the radio – Dinner For 2

mona on the radio comes through with the cutest track and visuals I’ve seen in 2018. It’s such a breath of fresh air with how open and honest it is both in its lyrics and super catchy sound. mona is an open book about lost love and knows how to write a beautiful melody to convey his feelings in the purest form (it reminds me of an early 2000’s pop punk song that’s on the tip of my tongue and I wish I could remember it for the life of me!). “Dinner For 2″ of those songs that’s best heard while laying down, headphones on, and slipping into a comforting daydream as all the worries of the world slip away and you’re left to experience a stress free world.

And let’s talk about the visuals on display here. It’s like vaporwave meets Andy Warhol and I could get lost for days starting at the artwork. I went back through mona’s tracks and this appears to be a trend which I just love. It’s so dope when you can glance at a piece of art and automatically know which musician it belongs to. The music scene is so oversaturated that you need to be a multimedia artist these days who doesn’t just make sounds but an entire conceptual world for listeners and critics to get lost in. mona obviously understands that so I can’t wait to keep diving into this little universe he’s slowly but surely creating.

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