Danelle Sandoval – Hands (ft. French Braids)

I wrote up the first track from Danelle Sandoval’s forthcoming EP and am pleased to report that she continues her hot streak on “Hands”. Featuring dynamic modern production from French Braids, it’s a wonderful blend of pop, electronic, and r&b sensibilities that has wide appeal while still feeling super intimate. Her vocals are tailor-made for affectionate storytelling as she says “don’t talk to me, no we don’t need to speak, our words don’t mean a thing.” Every line sparks immediate imagination as it’s impossible to not find yourself ruminating on past love, idealizing future romance, or getting lost in the present moment.

Compelling to speak with hands rather than words reminds me of the love language test that’s been popular among my friends and taken by myself. The five love language categories are touch, compliments, quality time, gifts, and acts of service. My main love language is touch – I express affection for the person I romantically care about with close contact like holding hands or hugs. It’s a fascinating topic that explores how each human has a unique way of showing their passion for another and in this moment I find myself totally relating to Sandoval’s lyrical focus – words are important, but sometimes you can convey your love with uttering a single thing. It’s a beautiful topic that dives into an essential part of our humanity and I can’t get enough of it.

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