Honors – Feel Better

I’ve written about Honors at length because they never fail to impress me. The group returns with a new one called “Feel Better” that’s easily my favorite song they’ve released. The production is so slick and the vocals have such a melodic quality to them that they’re almost an instrument of their own. Lyrically the song is a really honest and authentic approach to the comfort and reliability of not feeling okay which I love. If you’re someone who’s flirted with depression or general melancholy at length, then your brain’s neural pathways are always going to route themselves toward the most beaten path. That means returning to the depths will feel the most natural even if it doesn’t actually mean feeling well.

Another way to look at the song’s lyrics is that there’s an intangible quality to barren minimalism that resonates. Feelings like lethargy and sadness can be cathartic because you’re having the human experience of truly feeling something. It’s weird and counterintuitive but it’s also totally real. The phrase “having a good cry” isn’t just sarcasm, it’s a dopamine packed experience that rushes throughout your body from head to toe. Honors definitely have a listener in me who appreciates where they’re coming from and I have a feeling that I won’t be the only one once this song starts to make the rounds online and beyond.

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