michael casper – teenage apathy

Talk about a song that I can’t take my ears off of…michael casper came across my radar because of amazing visuals that were sent my way, but I have to go ahead and rave about the audio. It’s a single dripping with mysterious atmospheric tension that you could cut through with a knife. The instrumental is a reverby, lo-fi beat that sounds like a mix of classic hip-hop and modern indie rock while casper’s vocals are the fitting centerpiece (and for good reason). He has such an effortlessly dope delivery that’s suited for classic storytelling with just a bit of a rap cadence during the verses to create a voice totally unique to him. If this is a debut single that I can’t even begin to imagine what’s coming next from an artist that I’m seriously so excited about.

Fittingly enough this song has me thinking about teenage apathy, the days when everything felt slow and melodramatic and moved along at a crawl. There were plenty of fun times, sure, but that classic constant contemplation of “what the hell comes next?” was always there. I’m fortunate to have found my path and emerge from those days with years of joy and knowing my position in this world, but some people get stuck in that mode of running in place and never get out. It’s sad to watch people who had potential to escape the cycle burn out and get stuck for the rest of their lives but it also makes you so grateful to have worked your way into a lifetime of feeling content. Here’s to the people who are still stuck and hoping that they find their way out – it’s never too late.

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