JØUR – Cut

A new singer-songwriter by the name of JØUR has come through with an absolute smash. Titled “Cut”, it feels like a massive production that the likes of Adele would deliver. Her vocals are absolutely stunning and complemented by a top-shelf instrumental that’s minimalist in all the right places. Low-key piano keys are draped about, the percussion bends and snaps with a crisp aura, and a synth slithers throughout the atmosphere to wrap all of it together. From top to bottom, it’s an exercise in melodramatic pop excellence that is one of those songs you could see receiving massive looks on playlists and syncs (sorry for the industry speak, but when I get excited about a song, I can’t help but think about its potential to impact not just individual listeners, but the masses too!).

As is common for me, I’m also infatuated with the album artwork here. It feels like a piece of Greek or Roman sculpture that transcends time and space. The horizontal shadows that stretch across the figure provide a dynamic layer that makes the art feel like a living, breathing piece to watch shift and shape. Just like “Cut”, it’s understated beauty that’s going to make a visceral impact on people once they see it. As someone saturated with music on a daily basis, it’s such a gift to feel so many emotions toward a song and be able to express every aspect of it. That’s how engagement with art should always feel.

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